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Marin Premarital Counseling (Larkspur)

Update 4/6/21: I am offering limited in-office sessions starting this month on Thursdays, with proof of vaccination. 

Are you getting married?  Congratulations!  My premarital counseling and education program is about empowering couples with the knowledge and tools for a strong relationship foundation and high level of emotional safety – two important aspects of successful marriages.  Many couples invest a lot of money in the wedding day itself.  I encourage you to consider the value of investing in the future of your marriage too by preparing yourself with the basics to weather the inevitable storms of life.

Premarital counseling is really an opportunity to be sure you have the tools you need in your toolbox as well as identify any potential snags that could come up.  If you are considering getting educated in this way, consider yourself ahead of the curve.  It’s actually really easy to forget to even consider this as typically pre-marriage couples are in a maximum state of emotional bliss and may not even consider that it would be helpful.

I offer a four session educational and interactive course, adapted from my workbook The Premarital Counseling Workbook for Couples offered on my other website,  It is comprised of the following

  1. Assessment and Communication Skill Building:  I will assess your communication, relationship balance, emotional safety and family of origin as well as educate you about problematic communication styles.  Many of these aspects can show themselves problematically later so it’s helpful to get a sense of your vulnerabilities and areas for improvement now!
  2. Relationship Logistics:  We will look at role expectations, finances, spiritual beliefs, intimacy, etc.  How do each of you see the logistics of your marriage?  Many couples never have this discussion and assume the other sees marriage through the same lens (which can be a set up for problems later).  Get clear on your expectations from the start so you can discuss further if need be.
  3. Tune Up: Any noted areas for further exploration will be addressed here.  You will receive an assignment to take home which encourages you to look at how you each see your marriage, your priorities for a happy marriage, etc.
  4. Goal Setting and Review: We will process your exercise and what came up for you.  Your strengths and vulnerabilities will be reviewed and you will receive a copy of The Premarital Counseling Workbook for Couples to continue working on exercises we didn’t cover in the course.

If at the end of premarital counseling sessions we find that things come up that might benefit from a deeper look via couples counseling, we can discuss transitioning if helpful.

Save $$ Ask me about my “4 Session Premarital Counseling Package.”

(I was featured in Martha Stewart Weddings Magazines discussing how couples can defuse some wedding day sticky situations. ==>)

**NEW I also offer online premarital counseling to those in San Diego, San Francisco, Santa Clara, Los Angeles, San Mateo and anywhere in California from via my new telehealth site.

Not ready to dip all the way in to premarital counseling or are you out of the area?  Here are a few other useful tools.  

The Premarital Counseling Workbook for Couples

My workbook for engaged couples (or others considering settling in long term with a partner) provides a framework for you to strengthen your relationship BEFORE you tie the knot.  It’s possible this is all you will need to feel secure together moving forward, available on my other website,

Relationship Consultations

I offer Relationship Consultations for specific issues via email, phone or video.  This is not psychotherapy but educational for feedback and a suggested action plan. There are several Consultation options to suit your needs.

We’re ready to go, let’s do this!