Online Therapy and Counseling (California)

I am in the process of developing my California Online Therapy and Counseling practice.  Online therapy and counseling can be a useful alternative to face-to-face therapy sessions.

California Online Therapy and CounselingMany are drawn to the convenience of increased flexibility of time, place and modality for having online sessions including:

  • CEO’s, business owners and frequent business travelers
  • Moms with small children at home
  • Other people with busy lifestyles

Online therapy and counseling allow for the utmost in privacy.

However, this modality is not a fit for everyone.  Some benefit from having increased support which is more easily provided when working with someone in their office.

  • Individuals who are in crisis or are experiencing more serious clinical situations.  
  • Individuals who have serious unresolved trauma and family of origin issues.  This entails deeper and possibly grief-eliciting work that is better suited for face-to-face therapy for maximum therapeutic support, connection and ability to accurately monitor nonverbal communication to provide maximum attunement to your needs.


*UPDATE AS OF August 2015

I have been trained in HIPPA compliance and the legal and ethical issues associated with telehealth in order to provide the most professional service possible.  When I have received my Distance Counseling certification and have a secure and HIPPA compliant platform in place in which to offer online therapy, I will begin scheduling clients who reside in California only as this is the state in which I am licensed (LMFT #45087).

I will be be offering individual sessions to those seeking help for the following:

  • Stress reduction and work/family/self/life balance
  • Marriage or Relationship Concerns

The focus of my online therapy work will be goal oriented, solution focused and offer practical insights and tools into how you might implement change in your life.

I will be offering the following service options:

  • Videoconference (50 minute sessions)
  • Phone (50 or 25 minute session)
  • Email (per email response)
  • Chat (50 or 25 minute sessions)

The platform in which I will be using will allow for all of the above.  Scheduling, payment, sessions and contact will occur through that platform only.

I am hoping to be up and running by mid-late September, 2015.