Marin Phone / Skype Counseling (Larkspur)

Phone or Skype therapy is a viable option to face-to-face therapy sessions in some cases.  People struggling with a time problem such as frequent business travelers may be  appropriate for this kind of work.  This type of counseling also may be useful for regular office clients who go out of town and would still like a session.

It is my policy to meet face-to-face for an initial session and then make a determination if this type of work is appropriate.  Not all people are good candidates.

These people include the following:

  • Individuals who are experiencing crisis concerns or more serious clinical situations.  If you are suicidal and in need of assistance right away, dial 911. 
  • Individuals who have serious unresolved trauma and family of origin issues.  This entails deeper and possibly grief eliciting work that is better suited for face-to-face therapy for maximum therapeutic support, connection and my ability to monitor nonverbal communication.
  • Couples – I will work with couples via Skype but not phone.

Contact me for a free consultation about your situation.  It is a case by case situation.  Depending on the issues you present, I may request you periodically come into my office.

See Frequently Asked Questions for information.